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A copper roof is a beautiful, finishing touch to any bay or bow window and will greatly increase the curb appeal of your home.
The sweep-style bay roof is our specialty!
Our prefabricated bay roofs come to you fully assembled and ready to install.
They are ideal when constructing a new bay window or when installing over a doorway, creating a gorgeous entry to your home.

In the summer of 2005, a developer approached our parent company, Specialty Copper Roofing, with a contract for 33 homes in Indian Valley, PA. Each required a copper roof to cover the front bay window.
The unpredictability of the readiness of each home, and the potential for extended time in the field would have proven to be a sluggish approach for our company.
Affordable Copper Roofing took an unconventional approach: we prefabricated the entire frame, as well as the metal roof covering, all in-shop. The solution offered tremendous advantages to our customers.
Affordable Copper Roofing now offers prefabrication services for all copper bay window roofs and entryway roofs to customers nationwide. Whether you are a developer looking for time-saving solutions for mass construction or a homeowner seeking to easily increase the curb appeal of your house, let Affordable Copper Roofing be your solution! 

At Affordable Copper Roofing, we believe that prefabrication is the ideal choice when it comes to adding a bay, or entryway roof to your home. Our customers save hundreds of dollars by eliminating the cost of hiring one contractor to frame the roof over their bay window, then a separate contractor to add copper to the roof. 
We can build the entire roof in our shop to your exact design and ship directly to most anywhere in the US. All that is left when your new roof arrives is to hoist it in place and screw it down into the framing of the window. Most installations take under two hours and only require two people!